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Hungarian Gulyasch
Hearing Aids
406 CrewCab
416 CrewCab
6 x 6 CrewCab
Turbos and Turbos
My Tatra 813

sorry, still partially under construction

One of our 1st specialties is the Hungarian Gypsy-Gulyasch (OMA's recipe)

!!!!! - YES, I can hear again, and my wife finally agrees to ride with me in our Unimog - !!!!!
We will show you a wonderful and not too costly solution to overcome the well known Unimog noise problem.

Our Necessity Corner shows all of the Accessories, Options, Add-On, etc... available from us for the demanding Unimog owner.

The following pages are future dreams which will hopefully come true during the next few years.

Here You will see the type of Unimogs which You normally won't find too easy, like an early 6 x 6 Crewcab from LESA-BAU. You can call it a HUMV-AID, because it's handy to have around when the Hummer gets stuck.

How about a 406 CrewCab, the really elegant Hummer killer. Performs better and costs less.

Or maybe a 416 CrewCab, the handy family pickup truck for the real out-doors fan.

The Turbos and Turbos corner shines some light onto the OM352A, which we will use for our 406/416 hot-rods. Soon to come in 1999.

416s in Texas is a trip report from Houston Texas through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada home to California (16th July 1998 to 23rd July 1998).



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