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more pics and data or stories to come as time goes on.

My own TATRA :        (NO, I'm sorry, but it's NOT FOR SALE)

Let me tell you guys, it's the greatest truck I've ever seen. Try to imagine 6 Harleys with one straight pipe exhaust header but a displacement of 80" per jug running at 2000 RPMs.
It's better than the newer more powerful 815 because the front 2 axles and the rear 2 axles are closer together. There is a wheel for every 6 feet. The only improvement which could be done is to put tracks on it. 13 tons of steel on 8 wheels. It's an all-time 8 wheel drive with differentials per axle and between the axles, which can be locked of course. Speed does not exist in this vocabulary anymore. By the way, it does at least daring 55 mph.

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