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This is the Flag-Ship of our current collection. Sometimes with a 25 year young truck, people ask the question "Has it been restored ???" or something similar. In this case I have to say NO, but it doesn't need it because it has been well cared for in the past. You might put some new carpets in there and sound-insulate the ceiling, but that's mostly about it.
doka416y6.jpg (61352 bytes) !!! SOLD !!!!

Pretty long this 416 ???
The wheelbase is the same as on a S404, only the tires are a bit bigger, plus a LOT more Diesel-Power under the hood.

Read about more details at DIesel-Talk.

Below are a few miscellaneous views of the orange 416 Crew-Cab. It seats easy 5 people and allows way more room and performs better than a Hummer (Not to mention the price)
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doka416y1.jpg (77597 bytes) doka416y2.jpg (62426 bytes)
doka416y7.jpg (76579 bytes) !!! SOLD !!!!

Call (831) 336-2300 for details and ask for KLAUS.

A maze of levers, maybe it can fly too ???   Left to right, PTO, gear-shifter, Four wheel drive, winch, forward/reverse, high volume hydraulic pump. doka416_06.jpg (18306 bytes)
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The surrounding pictures define what "Achim" calls a GELECKTE (licked clean) condition .
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doka416_08.jpg (20726 bytes) Very roooomy such a Crew-Cab. You could almost call it a Dance-Cab if you would turn on the music.
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Unimog U 1100
416 Series,   Year 1972, 130.000 km, 83.000 miles
most drive-train components 1978 (axles, gearbox, etc...)
4 wheel disc-brakes, disc-emergency brake works just fine.
Engine: 120+ HP, OM352, 5.7 liter, 3400 hours
Std. Trans: 6 forward / 2 reverse speeds with PTO
Max. speed: 60 Mph (standard ratio)
Tires: 14.5-20


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