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Our necessity corner shows all of the Accessories, Options, Add-On, etc... available from us for the demanding Unimog owner.

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Swing fire Heater :

This is the heating source for the Radio Box (Camper) as well as for the external engine heater.
We have only a couple units here, but had no time to evaluate them so far.

asking price : please call for details, (408) 336-2300

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Emergency Generator 450W :

This is the smallest generator available for the Unimog. It provides 12V, 24V, 36V with 450W of power and can be used for boosting your batteries as well as for jump-start support in case of weak batteries. They are really need and pretty quiet.

The max charge current specs are 17 Amps, and 10 Amps as regular load. It has 5 settings : 12V trickle, 12V boost, 24V trickle, 24V boost and 36V. All ranges can be overlapped with an adjustment-knob. The Voltage and Amperage values can be read on 2 analog gauges. There is a mechanical governor limiting the RPMs. We tried them and they work great. There are only 3 left at the moment. Please call for availability and pricing (408) 336-2300. We do carry the appropriate 2 prong jumper-cables as well.

asking price : US $ 265.-

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Front view in relation to a VW wheel Back side with NATO power plug


Emergency Generator 750W :

This is the next size up to its 450W cousin.
We have a few in Germany, arrival to be expected by end of June.

asking price : US $ 345.-

No pictures and data available at this time.


Diesel Generator 1500W :

This is an almost stationary single cylinder Diesel generator. It was used for jump-starting the "Leopard" Tank from the German Bundeswehr.

No pictures and data available at this time.



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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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