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To all of our Unimoggers and want to be !!!
We would like to announce the opportunity of buying your very own Unimog in Germany, with the option of internationally registering your Dream-Unimog, driving it for up to one month and then bringing it home to wherever you live (Germany excluded). Please write us an email to including options, spare-parts if wanted, preferred color (just kidding), etc...

Services provided by Achim (our German agent):
        International car registration (insurance included):   DM   400.-        US $   280.-
        Shipping to East-Coast:                                          DM 2700.-         US $ 1900.-
        Shipping to West-Coast:                                         DM 3200.-         US $ 2250.-
        Price for your Unimog:                                                 unknown

The prices for shipping are estimates and can change depending upon model and destination.

Warning: The Unimog has to be older than 25 years in order to qualify for import into the USA by the Dept. of Transportation (D.O.T.) safety board. Click for the D.O.T. Web-Site. If you will use the vehicle as a farm-implement or similar (no road registration necessary) it can be younger than 25 years. To make sure, please check with your local authorities. We don't want to be responsible for any trouble at US-Customs.


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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