Ox1_3.JPG (90724 bytes)416s in Texas
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tx1.jpg (314742 bytes) Well, 1st things 1st. Deep in the "South-of-TEXAS"  you change a blown up tire.
I guess it's true that everything is a bit bigger in TEXAS. I just don't know what they feed their Caterpillars. tx2.jpg (320391 bytes)
tx4.jpg (395318 bytes) Near Gallup, NM. What a night, right next to the train tracks. A weird thought if one of those box-cars would loose just a single bolt.
Toys R'US, small ones and slightly larger ones. A coal-mine near Kayenta, AZ. I like the Indians there, but no beer, what a town. tx3.jpg (404169 bytes)
tx5.jpg (463497 bytes) Stephan Schröder and Joachim Thomsen visit the Monument Valley. Sergant Steve Postoloni is taking the pictures. Well, I don't know where I was at the time, maybe fixing the Lesabau (6x6)
tx6.jpg (397405 bytes)
tx8.jpg (253589 bytes)
tx7.jpg (460599 bytes)
tx9.jpg (456876 bytes)
tx10.jpg (413634 bytes) Diesel Power at it's best. Yes, it has to be a UNIMOG. Well the driver, I don't really know ???
Who says that the Unimog does not have air-conditioning ??? We ordered this option. You can clearly see how comfortable it is. tx11.jpg (323190 bytes)
tx12.jpg (379080 bytes) Unimogs invade the Monument valley. Well, maybe we should say "A small visit with our friendly Indians".
Yes, the passenger takes advantage of the full power of air-conditioning. tx13.jpg (363019 bytes)
tx14.jpg (363812 bytes)
tx15.jpg (156268 bytes) above: Convoy through the Sierra.


left: 9634 feet, a piece of cake if you accept a speed of 5 mph with 8 tons and a smoking Diesel.




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