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The Grease-Corner is for the technically interested Visitor.
The German translation might be something like Nuts and Bolts or Wrench Corner.

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Hi my name is KLAUS and my two older sons Christian and VIncent, as well as myself are the Master-Mechanics of the Family.

bulletThe Literature corner offers books and technical documentation for any Unimog.
bulletPlease use our Unimog Buyer's guide in evaluating and inspecting your new toy or tool.
bulletOur Unimog Parts-Hotline can become handy when you're messing with engines and transmissions, etc...
bulletIn the 404-S Workshop we will talk about our hands-on experience with these veterans.
bulletOur 406/416 Performance Workshop talks about plans and actions with the newer (turbo) Diesel models.
bulletIn the Engine-Swap section you will find answers to the everlasting question : "How to heal the 404 from Power-Anorexia" .
bulletThe Diesel talk is targeted for the OM352-stock-performance dissatisfied Unimog friend and comes with some hands on tips and tricks to squeeze a bit more power out of the naturally aspirated 5.7l engine.
bulletOur Turbo-Power-Secrets are for the serious Unimog power-demand friend. The stock OM352 with a slightly adjusted injection-pump will carry you up a 45 degree slope in 2nd gear. If that's not enough, just sit down and listen !!!

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In the 404-S Workshop :

There is more engine specific information available at the Engine-Swap-Corner.

404-S Radio-Truck : Will be converted into a fine Cross-Country Camper. The search for a more powerful engine candidate will be handled in 3 stages. Unfortunately it's going to take a few months to experiment ourselves through all these stages. At the end of each individual stage we might be able to offer the tested Power Plant to an interested buyer.
We will however inform You online about all of the kinks and details we encounter. As the result we will be able to offer a very detailed and handy engine improvement guide.
There are also plans to take a real close look at the 411/404 transmission and maybe we can come up with some small improvements. We are sorry for the delays, but we have regular work next to our Unimogs too.

Stage 1 :    M180 high-compression cylinder-head with dual carburetors. (compression ratio 9.5 : 1)
                est. time 2 month [April 98] (part time only, we have the head, but not the time right now)

Stage 2 :    M130 motor. We have 2 in stock and will select one of them for the trial.
                est. time 3 month [July 98] (part time only, we would like to overhaul a tranny at the
                same time, synch, bearings, etc...).

Stage 3 :    OM617 Turbo diesel. One motor already in stock for the test run (German conversion kit).
                est. time 3 month [??? 98]. We have the KIT here now and hope for a timeslot
                to play with it (pictures soon).

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Our 406/416 Performance Workshop :

We are in the process of arranging a few CrewCabs and the appropriate PowerPlants for them. The Turbo-Power is dedicated to explore the hopefully safe limits of 170 - 200 hp installed in a 406 / 416. Please be patient, it's not an easy task to shoehorn the OM352, plus the TURBO and a possible intercooler into the, from the factory provided space.
As an easy fix, and to improve the power characteristics of the naturally aspirated OM352, we have our Diesel-Talk to offer.


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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