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I was born in Salzburg (Austria), but grew up in Vienna with my grandparents. I saw my 1st Unimog (big sensation) as a child in 1956 in Tweng (Lungau). My grandma ("OMA" in German) always cooked the "Zigeuner Gulyasch" (Zigeuner = Gypsy) according to the Austria-Hungarian style. It just happens that I also cooked it for the Re-unimoggers at the Rubicon-Camp in October of 1997. Some of the original German Fellows told me that it tasted like it came out of the famous "Gulyasch Kanone" (military field kitchen) after a won battle. (Please, I don't want to glorify any war, only my OMA's Gulyasch) So here is the, asked so much for recipe.

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OMA's Zigeuner-Gulyasch :

2lb lean stew beef cubes, browned (+salt, +pepper)
2lb chopped onions, sautéed until soft
2 - 3 tablespoons of red Hungarian Paprika (ground)
1 - 2 tablespoons of Marjoram (not ground)
1/2 tablespoon of Thyme (not ground) optional
2 Pasilla or Anaheim Peppers (Bell peppers) opt optional
3 gloves of fresh garlic optional

The important secret is equal amounts of meat and onions. Some ground Paprika and Marjoram. These are the basic ingredients. Everything else is optional.

Cut the beef into 1" cubes, add a little salt and pepper and brown it in a hot pan with oil or butter.

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Chop the onions to medium size and soften it in a hot pan with oil or butter (light golden).
Add Marjoram and Thyme and continue for a minute or two without burning the spices.
Add the Paprika and stir for approx. 1 minute. Attention, DON'T burn the Paprika.
Add water (can be substituted with beer Western Style = or substituted with red wine = Pannonia Stype) and browned meat to make a thick soup.

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Now cook slowly for 2 hours or until the meat turns soft (approx 15 min. in pressure cooker, but continue for 30 min with the lid open). It will not look too dark red/brown at the beginning, but over time.

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Add the Peppers about 1/2 hour before it's done, because otherwise they get too soft. Add the crushed garlic cloves and serve it on noodles, rice, potatoes or eat it with pieces of bread and plenty of beer or red wine (Hungarian) of course. 


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