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Sorry but this truck is NOT for sale.

Unimog 6 x 6 :    Unimog front end with rear frame and setup manufactured by LESA-BAU. This truck originally carried some crude oil exploration equipment (tower on wheels, etc) on the back and had a normal 2 seater cab. The dry weight is at about 5 tons. It comes with air over hydraulics drum brakes and an air released spring-parking brake. The front and rear frame have a flexible linkage interconnecting them, which allows a +/-15 degree swivel to compensate for the rigid frame (no flex). The 2 rear Unimog portal axles are powered by a separate rear transmission. The 2nd rear axle can be selectively engaged. The rear axles are suspended by balanced leaf springs and allow for sufficient travel for each individual wheel. The main transmission is a regular 6 speed with a separate cascade transmission up front between the engine and the main transmission. This cascade unit replaces the long clutch bell housing. It serves the purpose of providing crawler gears as well as 1/2 gears between the main 6 speeds.

There was a hydraulic forklift up front which will be replaced by a shaft driven 3.5 ton winch.
The roof is aftermarket-custom for tall boys like me, 6' 5".
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lesa_01.jpg (23886 bytes) The spare tire is right now a place holder for a future Radio Box which will be used as a Camper.





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