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!!!!! - I CAN HEAR AGAIN - !!!!!

Have you ever wondered how to survive the slight ambient noise most of our Unimogs produce ??? especially the 406 / 416 Diesel models. It knocks your ears right out, doesn't it ??? Lots has been tried and mostly with success, but it was either hard to get (military intercom) or very expensive (pilot's headsets and intercom). I spent a couple of days tangled up in the WEB and finally found my way back home. But I was lucky, because I brought something very nice with me.

Active noise cancellation headphones from Noise-Cancellation-Technology, a company whose entire product-line is to protect us from ambient noise. Most of their products are geared for the heavy industrial application, like for Diesel-Locomotives engineers (8000 hp+), Helicopter and Turbo-Prop pilots, etc... They also have some real affordable light duty headsets for roughly US $ 70.-- You can plug your stereo or other fine music sources into it and you will not believe it, yes you can finally listen to your favorite tune without competing with the engine or the off-road tires at 60 mph.

Please check the product-pages of Noise-Cancellation-Technologies for more technical information.

We are still looking for a good source for the headset which will give Unimog-Owners a bit of a price-break.
(Something like if you tell them that Unimog-Forever sent you, you'll get 10% off the headset, or the 2-day shipping to your doorstep is at no charge, etc...)

Below are a few pictures of the Noise-Buster-Extreme model we are currently using.

My lovely wife agreed to model the earphones in our   favorite orange HotRod-416 crew cab.
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A picture of the unit itself with the control-box.
Earphone-Dia 2", Box 2" x 3" x 1/2".


If this model does not do the trick, go for the ProActive-3500 with boom microphone. The price tag is US $ 220.-- and you will need an additional interface-cable for you particular 2-way radio or intercom. The only kink I believe is, that it's not stereo. We did not try this model, only the Noise-Buster-Extreme.

A final word in understandable terms : In our 416 Unimog with the injection pump turned up and the injection timing a bit advanced (very-loud), we can talk again. You put the headset on and ??? well, not too much of a change. The diesel still knocks your brain out, especially at 3100 RPMs. Than you flip the switch and you will not believe it, you feel like sitting in a MB 190-D. Absolutely no humming or any other constant background noise pollution. Before you where tempted to let off the gas because you thought that the poor OM352 will not be able to manage the 125+ wild horses for the next 5 hours, but now they all sound soooo tame and you don't worry anymore. The Diesel sounds like it's supposed to, a light background knocking to remind you that you have to get Diesel and not gas at the next refill, but that's about it. If you turn the cancellation on wearing the headset walking next to a busy street. you feel like someone has pushed you into a library, and all you see through the windows is the cars go by and maybe here and there you notice a real loud one.

For all of you, who enjoy Your 404-S and complain about noise, I have this one for you. Try a 406 or 416 tuned to 125+ hp and you will never again complain about your whispering M180 gas engine. If you use the Noise-Buster-Extreme headset you might even feel like in a real car with radio, etc... (provided you have a radio installed).

Please, to all of our Unimog friends, the unit alone (without a microphone) will improve your communication to the person next to you (provided she or he is wearing one as well) significantly and you will loose all the stress related to the usual Unimog ambient noise (engine, off-road tires, etc...) that's wearing you down.

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The wireless intercom between Unimogs (or passengers within the vehicles) with voice activated transmit is still under investigation. We will need another month or so to come up with an acceptable and financially affordable solution.

The units under test at the moment are 2 TalkAbout+ Radios made by Motorola. The source of our choice is S.I.E at http://www.southernce.com/spirit.HTM. Please talk to Paul, he's the owner and could possibly give you as a Unimog friend a good deal. (please give us a bit more time to do the final evaluation, like interfacing to the headset, extensive testing of the VOX, etc...)


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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