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We made it and got a few brand spank'in new OM352A's, I'm soooo happy about it. Now we have to find the time to play with them ??? They were targeted for the DB1017 truck with 170 HP and a higher torque-rpm band, yes they will be cook'in. The plans are to create a few 406 or 416 hot-rods to show the Hummers the way to the benches, because IT'S UNIMOG TIME NOW.

I don't think we have any individual engine sales plans at the moment, because they were very expensive and a normal rebuild of a OM352 engine will be the more cost effective solution for a tired OM352 engine.
However, if someone wants to participate in the race, please contact us, we might have a Turbo-Engine for you ??? (hint: a OM352 short-block from DB or Freightliner is about $9000.--, without cylinder-head and turbo)

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