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3 Musketeers
A Camper's dream

At the present time we have only one story to offer. Comes time so do more stories and there is already plenty of space allocated for some romantic or truly heroic 404-S Fairy tails.

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The 3 Musketeers, a fairytale with pictures. p404s001.jpg (43325 bytes)

Stefan, a really nice Unimog-friend from Germany has sent us a picture of his 404-S Camping Caravan.

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A few pictures of the S404.1 resources available to Unimog-Forever.

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A nice line-up of S404.1 Radio-Trucks, ready to be picked up for civilian work (above).

An almost perfect species of a MAT-4 maintained S404.1 Unimog (below).
kburg002.jpg (278321 bytes)
A very busy gathering place of Veterans, no war, but years of proud duty in Germany (right).
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