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Mr. Hellraiser
Mr. Tuptus
sorry, undercover
416 Tow Truck
404 Hard Cab
404 Van
406 HardCab
It's Trailer Time
S404.1 Hard-Cab
Magirus Deutz

The classifieds section is dedicated to the sale and swap-meets of Unimogs and parts. Please participate in the sale and offerings on this market place to keep it interesting and exciting. We also have a page dedicated as an Unimog Buyers Guide, which can help you in evaluating and inspecting your particular truck.
The Advertising for sale as well as any wanted-ad is free of charge. The initial runtime is 3 month and can be extended upon request. Please feel free to contact us at If desired, we will assist you with the German translation.

Sorry, but some of our accessories (generators. etc) have not arrived yet.

P.S.    We do have some very exciting Unimog connections, back in the Fatherland of course.

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bullet1) 404-S Radio Truck :    Displayed at the 3 musketeer page (named Hellraiser)    SOLD
bullet2) 404-S Radio Truck :    Displayed at the 3 musketeer page (named Tuptus)        SOLD
bullet3) 404-S Radio Truck :    Displayed at the 3 musketeer page (no name)  SOLD
bullet4) 404-S Radio Truck :    My personal Unimog FOR SALE
bullet5) 416 Crew-Cab :         Yes, it is CA registered.   Sorry it's  SOLD
bullet5) 416 Tow-Truck :         Tow your Hummer Buddy when he breaks down. SOLD (831) 336-2300
bullet7) 406 Hard-Cab :          A very nice truck is here FOR SALE. Please talk to us at (831) 336-2300
bullet8) 404-S Fire-Truck (bus) :  One great bus style truck, hard-cab.  SOLD
bullet8) 404-S Fire-Trucks :     2 trucks, both TLF body, hard-cab.  SOLD
bullet10) Unimog Trailer :       Single axle trailer, 3/4 Ton load capacity
bulleta) Swingfire Heater :      Very handy on colder days.
bulletb) Versatile Generator 450W :  A very small and handy unit. 12/24/36 Volt DC 0.45 kVA
bulletc) Emergency Generator 700W :  For the high profile camper. 12/24/36 Volt DC 0.70 kVA
bulletd) Diesel Generator 1500W :  Single cylinder Diesel (almost stationary). 12/24/36 Volt DC 1.5 kVA
bullete) Radio Equipment :     The original Radios out of the Radio-Box.


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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