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A friendly WebSite, dedicated to the (Böhringer/Mercedes-Benz) UNIMOG.
The Authors are Karin and Klaus SCHAMBECK, nick-name "K.u.K".

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We would like to share our experience with all other UNIMOG fans. Especially with the fans from our big island called North America (USA). We can also be reached by phone at (831) 336-2300, (Pacific Standard Time Zone, Gaggenau time - 9 hours).
So far, our experience has been, that this country seems to be a technically underdeveloped area for UNIMOG fans (fourth world country). People of course know the model 404-S, but the 406 already becomes part of future dreams, and further ... ???
Our ideas are to fill these holes with experience, which we will gain as time goes on. Our goal would be to become one of the beacons of the technical knowledge for the Unimog enthusiast.

Most of this Web-corner is still under development and will grow as time goes on.


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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