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posted by :    Klaus R. Schambeck (831) 336-2300, your friendly Web-Corner Admin.

Features :

Year of manufacture 1970 and rebuild in 1978
The Truck is overall in excellent condition (except the door hinges).
It looks, drives, shifts, brakes all great. Next to no rust.
More details next to the first picture below.

asking price : US $ 14.500.-

e406_1.jpg (299041 bytes) Unimog 406, 1970

85.000 miles, 5.000 hours,
1978 drive-train comp.,
5.7 liter 6-cyl Diesel, 125hp,
6fwd / 2rev, air-lock diff,
2 speed PTO front / rear,
hydraulic hooks front / rear,
18" / 22" ground clearance,
4 wheel disk brakes,
trailer air brakes,
3-way dump bed ,
2-ton load capacity

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Rain, rain and rain during the Pickup at the Los Angeles Port. This was the truck that brought life back into our 404S trucks (all had dead batteries, but a Unimog-406 pull-start did help)
e406_2.jpg (360743 bytes)
The morning after the rain. The gathering in front of the Ventura-Motel.
e406_3.jpg (411624 bytes)
One last stop in a rest-area along the Highway.


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