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posted by :    Klaus R. Schambeck (831) 336-2300

Unimog 404.0 : year 1973, 23.000 miles
power-brakes (vacuum), 30 gal tank, top speed 60+ mph, 2.2l M180 gas engine, 406 style hard-cab, very good 10.5x20 sand tires.
(more tech. details on 404's can be found throughout this web-corner)
weak 5th gear synchro, parts transmission + spare engine available.

asking price : US $ 8300.-    (shipping included to any port in the US)

4046-1.jpg (253696 bytes) Driver side of low mileage ex-NATO truck. This truck is equipped with a roomy 406 style hard-cab with air-intake snorkel
Passenger side view showing the side door of the insulated radio-box. This is an alternative low cost solution to 4x4 off-road camping. 4046-2.jpg (286770 bytes)
above : a nice and very roomy 406 hard-cab
( a bit of rust below the head-lamps)

right : the inside of the 406 hard-cab
(sorry, the brown color is and exposure error)



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