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posted by :    Joachim Thomsen (831) 336-2300

Magirus-Deutz : year 1963, 25.000 miles released from fire-dept. in Sept 1998
model : F6L 613 B, with air-cooled  V6 Diesel 7.4l 125 hp / 2500 RPM
    5 speed, hi/lo range, 4x4, diff locks, 24 Volts,
            length 275", width 90", height 114", empty weight 12.000 lb

!!!!! SOLD !!!!!

Classic German fire-truck with seating cap of 3 + 6, air over hydraulic brakes, engine-brake, 4 wheel drive, top speed 55+ mph.
Collectors item, ideal use as fire-truck, advertising vehicle (put your logo on it) or inexpensive heavy duty motor home/camper.

asking price : US $ 7800.-    (shipping included to any port in the US)

md1.jpg (285982 bytes) md2.jpg (241117 bytes)
md3.jpg (187633 bytes) above : classic Magirus Deutz front-sides.

left : plenty of room for all kind of things.

md6.jpg (311563 bytes) md7.jpg (403512 bytes)
md4.jpg (323779 bytes) above : a clean roof-line for lots of things
            to tie down.

left : roomy compartments everywhere.

below : a nice and clear dashboard,
            as well as a clean cab.

md9.jpg (333121 bytes) md5.jpg (362222 bytes)
md8.jpg (413137 bytes)
above : powerful and clean air-cooled V-6 Diesel

right : two benches for the fire-brigade

md10.jpg (407902 bytes)


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