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posted by :    Joachim Thomsen (831) 336-2300

Both trucks are in Germany and waiting to be shipped.
Equipped with a 2.2 Liter carbureted  M180 inline 6 cylinder gas engine (single overhead camshaft). Manual transmission is full synchro-mesh 6 fwd speeds and 2 rev, with shifting on the fly 4-wheel drive and diff-lock on both portal axles. Load capacity of 1.5 tons and air over hydraulic brakes.

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Features : !!! SOLD !!!!

S404.1 TLF8 fire truck - 21.500 miles:
Year of manufacture 1960
The Truck is in almost showroom condition.
considering that is was once used to put out fires.
It looks, drives, shifts, brakes all great.
Next to no rust or dents.

asking price : US $ 7,750.- FOB Germany   ( US $ 9,720.- with shipping to any port in the US included)

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Above : Front and side views including some peeks into the storage compartments and the rear passenger compartment. It's very roomy and in exceptional good shape.

ftf7.jpg 13.9 kb ftf8.jpg 15.7 kb
Is this a clean engine compartment or what ?

Carburetor to the left of the engine with the air compressor in front and air filter to the far left.

ftf9.jpg 15.9 kb You can see the timing chain portion of the valve cover (single overhead cam).
The plash proof ignition (distributor along with ignition coil) and splash proof voltage regulator.
This picture shows the frame with the transmission and the PTO with the drive shaft for the water pump.
Right above would be the driver's door.
Tail end of the front fender to the left.
ftf10.jpg 15.2 kb
ftf5.jpg 15.0 kb
ftf6.jpg 18.4 kb
This is the inside of the cab. Even the sun visors are still there, along with some air vents.
The hear liner seems to be in pretty good shape as well.


Nice seats make the drive moderately comfortable.
Lots of instruments and switches are the standard in any Unimog cab.
The heater is to the left of the drivers leg compartment.

ftf15.jpg 6.8 kb

The rear passenger compartment seems rather simple, but has a window to the front cab open.

Below : The pump compartment is in the rear and powered by the PTO off the transmission. Again, everything is functional and kept in really good shape.
All tires are on/off-road type and are almost new. This alone is more than $1000.-- in value.

ftf11.jpg 15.5 kb
ftf12.jpg 16.1 kb
ftf16.jpg 12.7 kb
ftf17.jpg 7.1 kb

One word from the web-admin : This seems to be the best S404.0 fire-truck that I have seen so far. It looks like it just came out of a museum or from a parade. Personally I like the S404.0 style of hard cabs the best. The split windshield along with the roof hatch and the semi round looking front nose (the 406 is to round and the new ones are to boxy) as well as the portal axles, give it this great look of a real professional off road monster. A real Daimler Benz (Mercedes) product.

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Features :

S404.1 TLF8 fire truck - 23.000 miles:
Year of manufacture 1973
The Truck is overall in very good condition.
It looks, drives, shifts, brakes all great. Next to no rust.
New off-road-type tires (chevron design)

More details next to the first picture below.

asking price : US $ 8,300.-    !!!!  SOLD !!!!!  (shipping to any port in the US included)

ft4.jpg (442412 bytes) Seating capacity of 2 at front and 3 in the rear structure.
Air over hydraulics brakes.
This side shows windows and door for the rear compartment.
Roomy rear passenger box and plenty of storage room ft5.jpg (493209 bytes)
ft6.jpg (402979 bytes) All you need plus more storage in the rear of the truck

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Spare engines, transmissions, drive-train parts, PTO's and winches are available


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