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posted by :    Randy Bauer (831) 336-2300

Features :        SOLD

Year of manufacture 1963 and factory rebuild in 1982

The Truck is currently registered in California and is SMOG-EXEMPT, older than 25 years.
The color is OD green. is truck was released from the German army (Bundeswehr) at the end of 1996 and shipped to the US in late spring of 1997. It has not been used since, except for photo-shoots or for advertising matter.  In the army it was considered material maintenance class 4 (highest maintenance class). Therefore the most recent army rebuild tags, dated from 1983.
The following  parts have been rebuilt : .....
The Engine seems in almost new condition (very low mileage). Randy changed the sparkplug wires from the mil-spec cables to regular silicone cables, which allows the use of regular sparkplugs now.
The transmission is in excellent conditions and all 8 gears shift very good.
Both axels seem brand new (rebuild tags, original paint)
The breaks work very good and even, no pull (drum-breaks). The emergency break is excellent.
The Radio-Box itself seems brand new and is of the newer (rare) type with a  new style fiberglass floor cover.
This truck is equipped with a complete trailer air break system.
Over all condition : Very good, no rust.

asking price : US $ 7500.-

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Note from the administrator :

I personally know the truck, it's the best of the 3 musketeers. Sorry about some of the missing details, but I'm still gathering some of the information, like rebuild-tags, etc ...


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