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With the GERMAN-BASED Parts-Hotline we want to try to support our Unimog-Friends with the ordering of spare-parts. Through our extensive connections we should be able to assist you in almost every need when you have to rebuild or fix your Unimog.

The best would be, if you FAX us your individual parts-request according to the form below. Please use Achim's Germany based Unimog-Parts-FAX-PHONE   #     011-49-3881-714-900.

You could also make use of our mailbox (slower response than with FAX-order) for your specific order. We will inform you about the availability of your parts and the conditions for the individual transaction (shipping and payments). Our German busy bee, Mr. Achim is always standing by to take your order. You will also find a little story about tools we like at the Tools-Talk. We include here a sample of OM 352 spare-parts for rebuilding the entire engine.

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Personal information :

Name (first, middle, last) John McDoe
Address (line 1) 1234 Unimog Lane
Address (line 2) - - - - - - - - - - -
City Gaggenau-Ville
Zip Code 98765
State California
Phone # (day time) (555) 123-4567
Phone # (evenings) (555) 123-4567
FAX # (day or evenings) (555) 123-4567
E-Mail john@myISP.com

Technical information :

a)   Model and Year of Unimog   U900, 1976  
b)   Vehicle ID number   406.121.10.030578  
c)   Description of part   synchro-ring, 3rd-gear  
d)   Found part number (1)   xx ??? yy  
e)   Catalog part number (2)   aa ??? bb  
f)   How many parts   1 each  

Lines C to F will repeat for each part.

(1) Number stamped or engraved into the old part (tag, etc...). If transmission, engine or axle parts, number found on transmission, tag, cast-in, etc... (if available)
(2) Number found in parts book or literature, which book, page, etc... (if available)

--- under construction ---
future pict of Achim Thomsen
To associate a face with a person might help you with the important parts talk.

We will always try to offer you the best possible conditions (price, delivery, etc...). However, due to different supply-sources, there is sometimes the chance for some items to be offered at a better price by someone else. In this particular case we would like to ask you to choose what seems better for you. That's the only way to offer the very Best for you.

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OM 352 spare-parts :

The prices are for genuine Mercedes Benz items and do NOT include German sales tax (we will try to get a regular export permit, no sales tax). There will be a regular shipping and handling charge depending upon your order and the method of shipping. Depending on the item, we should be able to get equivalent after-market replacements for less. Please contact us for the individual information. The OM 352 price list serves only as a sample. Unfortunately, our humble Web-Corner is not a parts/price-list. If you have any Unimog parts needs, please drop us your individual request.


part # sample

price net DM

approx. US $

bearings conn-rod

243.00 DM


bearings main

195.00 DM


camshaft new

1,250.00 DM


gasket-set compete

195.00 DM


injector (set of 6)

495.00 DM


injector complete

330.00 DM


injector pump new

4,750.00 DM


oil pump new

695.00 DM


piston rings (set of 6)


pistons (set of 6)

2,300.00 DM


rocker shaft

247.00 DM


rockers ex (set of 6)

255.00 DM


rockers in (set of 6)

245.00 DM


timing gear cam

365.00 DM


timing gear crank

165.00 DM


valves ex (set of 6)

197.00 DM


valves in (set of 6)

205.00 DM


water pump new

553.00 DM


US $ to DM exchange ratio



The prices may vary depending upon exchange ratio and eventual price increase my Mercedes Benz.

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Tools-Talk :

Before I came to the US, I was used to wrench in my spare time with locally manufactured tools (Austria). Soon I found out, that Snap-On is great, but expensive. Craftsman is nice, but no personality, etc...  Maybe I'm a little homesick, but now I ordered the same brand of tools I used to have back than, and they are great, just as they were before. The price was right too. I want to share this with all of you Unimog wrenchers. The 1/2'' and 3/4" Socket sets are as strong as there is and the price is very good. So, for your big drive train jobs, you could look at the strong Quality wrenches made in Austria. The name of the company is Stubai located in this lovely Stubai-Valley in Tyrol. They also make great knives and rock-climbing hardware. Unfortunately their web-site does not talk about their hand-tools. Here we have a few pictures from their catalog along with prices (shipping not included).

socket12.jpg (173102 bytes) socket34.jpg (219985 bytes)
1/2" 29 pieces for about $130.- 3/4", 14 pieces for about $185.-

Please, I'm not trying to sell you tools, it's just if you have a need for it and like the deal like I did.

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All parts related business-transactions are based in Germany. Unimog-Forever can only be seen as the carrier of information with respect to you order.


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We are sure that You still have some questions or comments, so please contact us at
We would be very happy to hear from You.

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