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The following pictures will illustrate the internal oil-cooling of the OM352A Turbo-Diesel engine. Please don't attempt to put a Turbo on a standard OM352. There are too many differences and MB assures you in the case of the OM617 (3.0L Turbo Diesel), that if you don't facilitate the internal piston-cooling correctly, "YOU WILL SEIZE THE ENGINE" without it. Agreed that 125 hp with 3.0l and 5 cylinders at 4200 RPMs is a bit pushing the issue, but do you want to bake the rings into the grooves instead ???

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Above : The oil-jets dedicated to the cooling of the pistons from the inside, taped into the main oil-galley
oiljet3.jpg (67952 bytes) Left : The location of two of the internal piston cooling oil-jets. It appears as the main oil-galley has been taped for the oil-supply. This engine has a slightly larger oil-pump than the standard OM352 installed.

Please don't Turbo your standard OM352 without all the upgrades to an OM352A.

This page is just at the beginning and we will have more details available as we progress and find available timeslots to do so.




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