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engine data
404 transmission
406/416 transm.

The following comparison should help to show the differences between the S404 and 406/416s.

model 404 (1.5 ton load) model 406 / 416 (2 ton load)
Initial design initiated early 1950s.
Which is equivalent to a Ford model-A (just not as famous). The U-411 could be seen as the Ford model-T. The 404 is a great truck, but light-duty drive components compared to the 406's / 416's.
Initial design initiated mid 1960s.
A major rev in the transmission happened about 1967 with type-F being the earlier one and type-G the more common newer one (same technology but different bearings, etc...)
stock engine : gas 2.2l M180 (7:1 comp., 80hp)
Same as in the 220S passenger car except lower compression ratio and single carb. Some later and rare models had the 2.8l M130 engine from the 280S passenger car but with lower compression head.
stock engine : Diesel 5.7l OM352 (up to 120hp)
Same engine is being used throughout most of the Daimler-Benz medium duty trucks. It's the standard DB-truck-engine in the 1970s and later on replaced by the OM366 (5.9l, only small differences)
features : regular steering, regular drum-brakes
(brake boosters on Swiss troop carriers and fire-trucks)
6-speed transmission with optional single speed PTO and optional crawler gears (very rare)
Some trucks have trailer air-brake setup.
features : power steering, power brakes
(drums on pre 1972 and 4 wheel disk with 2 independent circuits and 2 calipers per front wheel on later models).
6-speed or 20-speed (406 mostly) transmissions with optional single or dual speed PTO, as well as optional work hydraulic setup.
Most trucks have trailer air-brake setup.
The S404 came in various configurations. The most common is the military soft-top-cab. Fire-trucks where usually equipped with a split windshield hard-top and roof hatch on the passenger side. The 406 is the shorter wheelbase model and came in hard and soft top cabs. It is quite common to find it with the 20 speed gear-box and hydraulics. The 416 has the same wheelbase as the S404 and came normally with the standard 6-speed transmission.
The standard S404 will reach a top speed of 60mph without a load on a flat surface (no head-wind) The 406/416s top speed is only limited by the standard gearing. Some emergency vehicle models have the high speed ring/pinion setup and are faster.
The S404 is mostly military surplus and most parts are still available to surplus-prices The 406 /416s are still in the workforce and all parts are available through DB Unimog-dealers (new parts without a surplus price-tag)


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