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Dual Introduction
Radio Box
Offroad Dance
Sandhill Action
Unimog Pinups

mskt000.jpg (28226 bytes) Please, let me introduce my 3 friends the Musketeers. At the beginning they were 4, but than Randy sold Dartanion. And I'm not too happy right now because I know that all 3 are for sale too. I love them and hate to see them go. I hope they find a nice and cozy new home.

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bulletThe Details show the engine compartment and the cab from the inside.
bulletYou can see 2 musketeers (Hellraiser und Undercover) in the Dual Introduction.
bulletThe Radio Box inside is a topic too.
bulletThe Articulation of the wheels and the frame can be seen during the Off-road dance.
bulletThe Log Crossing proves the undefeated road clearance and ability to climb.
bulletHere we tell You about a failed attempt of climbing a loose Sand hill.

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mskt001.jpg (40493 bytes) My name is TUPTUS and I'm the Camo Unimog.

I am on an undercover mission and have no official name. Yes I'm and Unimog too.

mskt002.jpg (31271 bytes) My name is Hellraiser and I am the Handsome Unimog.
mskt003.jpg (38412 bytes)
I think my patchy paintjob looks great on me, and I like to hide in the shadows of big trees.
mskt004.jpg (19858 bytes)
mskt005.jpg (43325 bytes) One for All and All for One. Through thick and thin we went together. Being afraid ??? we don't know what this is.
One more picture for the family album. Left to right, Undercover, Tuptus and Hellraiser. mskt006.jpg (42050 bytes)


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