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Stefan, a very nice friend from the Fatherland Germany sent us this picture. He converted a 1.5 ton German-Army Unimog-Trailer into a Campers-Dream. He's pulling it with a highly modified 404-S Radio-Truck. We will try to find out a little more about this Off-road Wagon-Trailer. Powered is it by an OM617 3.0-Litre 5-cylinder Turbo-Diesel, the right choice for this phenomenal RIG. Currently he's rebuilding the engine, because the guy who sold him the engine did a cheap and lousy job on it. The trailer-conversion is such a wonderful job, wouldn't YOU want to go globetrotting RIGHT-NOW ???

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The Diesel conversion was done by the German fellows Michael Haas and Gerald Dietrich. Technically excellent, a little bit on the pricy side. Probably nothing compared to the European gas prices.

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Another great 404-S FUNMOG from Germany. Please note the trucker-style exhaust pipe.

This is just another piece of typical German-Craftsmanship (Facharbeit).

Keep up the excellent work Wolfgang



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