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Please let me introduce my 404-S friend Hellraiser. He's always runs great and You should see it's back, inside spotless new and shiny. Outside OD green. dintr000.jpg (33282 bytes) Well, my other 404-S buddy, You know it has no name, must be under cover. It runs great too, it's just not as new as Hellraiser.

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Hi guys, aren't these three tough guys ???
Well, I'm one too !!!

And now a front shot, absolutely great !!!
dintr003.jpg (31457 bytes) Now a few nice pictures of the engine. Yes, please some shots of the electrics too. More light please. Don't rock the boat.
dintr004.jpg (18625 bytes)

When I grow up, I will have to buy me an Unimog too.

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dintr006.jpg (31400 bytes) What lousy film did you guys buy ??? The colors are for sure not from Kodak.
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Look, they really have legal California license plates. Even current ones !!!



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