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The extremely high road clearance will be demonstrated with the crossing of the log at the end of a steep incline. Thanks to the locking differentials and the very low 1st gear it's been very easy.

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log001.jpg (17965 bytes) Well, we are coming out of our hideout. Don't worry it only looks dangerous, but with an Unimog its really pure fun. No, I would not recommend to do it with a Jeep or Toyota. A Hummer (German word for lobster) ? I don't know if these kind of shellfish can make it above water.
log002.jpg (10960 bytes) Here are a few different angles for the off-road enthusiast. log003jpg (37397 bytes)
log004.jpg (35217 bytes) log005.jpg (31486 bytes)
Warm up your legs und than a little dance over the fallen tree.
log006.jpg (19530 bytes) Iog007.jpg (32925 bytes) Iog008.jpg (18035 bytes)
A little jump to the left and ---> move your legs while dancing and ---> than once more to the right.
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Now, a little tree seems to be in our way. Whoops, that's it, and we're on top. It's done, no big deal for an Unimog.
log012.jpg (31529 bytes) log013.jpg (36252 bytes)
Now, the wheels are getting twisted again. Finally done and moving on to new adventures !!!
So guys, what do you think. Did we do alright. A piece of cake, that's what Daddy always calls it. I think it's wonderful to get bounced around in my seat, but wait till I take the driver seat. Hi girls it's me, Norton. Yes, do you want to take a ride with me. log014.jpg (31454 bytes)


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