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The locking Differentials of both axles enable You to move save through very rough and extremely uneven areas. The travel of the coil springs and the flexibility of the axles and especially the frame is demonstrated throughout this Off-road Dance.

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odnc001.jpg (21882 bytes) Hi Guys, isn't this a wild truck ??? odnc002.jpg (35497 bytes)
Look, this wheel is almost off the ground.
Wow, I hope everything's alright ???
Ah, don't worry, it's a Unimog.
odnc003.jpg (36016 bytes)
No, I am not getting out of the truck.
odnc004.jpg (28684 bytes)
Look what the wheels are doing !
odnc005.jpg (24177 bytes) Don't worry, it's not going to tip over for a long time.

Please, can someone lock the differentials !!!
Otherwise we'll never make it out of here.
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