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The sledge hammer trail is located ?? miles east off highway ??? in southern California. The owner and driver of the 406 cow is Kai Serrano from San Diego California. Due to the big 14.5 x 20 wheels and the short wheelbase of a 406 it was moderately easy to get through the trail. I have to mention that the optional crawler gears where an important part of the success.

shtka1_1.jpg (102566 bytes) It looks pretty easy to climb over all the rocks with 14.5 x 20 tires on a Unimog 406
What's this little pebble here doing in my way ??? I guess I just ignore it and drive over it pretending it's not there. shtka1_2.jpg (108551 bytes)
shtka1_3.jpg (108943 bytes) Is this what we call grasing in the mountain, but where is the grass ??? How can a cow like me live off the thorn bushes here ???
From the surroundings you can see that it's not always as easy as the Unimog 406 makes it look. shtka1_4.jpg (109986 bytes)
shtka1_5.jpg (97107 bytes) There is never a break and there are always rocks around. It's one constant challenge, right from the beginning on.
A steep incline and big rocks, that's why they call it the sledge hammer trail. Check out the space between the axle and the ground. You don't want to slip for sure. shtka1_6.jpg (102446 bytes)
shtka1_7.jpg (117853 bytes) Sometimes the rocks are smaller, but then there are more of it. At least with the smaller ones you don't have to watch every step you make.

Look at the passenger rear wheel. But that's the only way to get over it. Is this what they call a bumpy ride, or what ???

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