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These are a few pictures of John Wessel's performance on the sledge hammer trail. The fact that he had virtually no idle speed, no front locker and no crawler gears makes it a spectacular performance through the trail.

shtjw1_1.jpg (80002 bytes) Up the hill, right behind Chris's truck. Pretty rocky, the whole adventure ???
He 's driving 35" off road super swamper tires on his custom 16.5" rims. The offset of the rim locates it virtually all on the outside of the big brake drum. shtjw1_2.jpg (95565 bytes)
shtjw1_3.jpg (122727 bytes) All of the time every one of the three Unimog off roaders had plenty of spectators around.
A well known resting position for Unimogs. It always seems comfortable to have one leg at an elevated position. shtjw1_4.jpg (112696 bytes)

The next 3 pictures show one very complicated climb where a wheel slipped off a rock and the rear axle dropped accidentally on a rock. To get out of this we had to lift the axle with a jack and pile a bunch of rocks underneath one rear tire.

shtjw2_1.jpg (103566 bytes) That's at the beginning off the climb, where one wheel slipped off a rock and high centered the rear axle.
One more step till the wheel slips and we have to go to get the car jack to lift the axle. shtjw2_2.jpg (118785 bytes)
shtjw2_3.jpg (109384 bytes) You can clearly see the passenger rear wheel is in the air. A lousy rock just wouldn't stay and rolled to the side.


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