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Chris White's Unimog with highly modified ground clearance made it possible for him to do some of the stunts he usually performs. He removed the fenders, the bumpers. He relocated the spare wheel along with the gas tanks and the battery box from next to the frame to above it and behind the cab. The optional crawler gears (a hard to find item) was also essential to make it through the trail. By the way, he's driving 12.5 x 20 tires as well.

shtcw1_1.jpg (103632 bytes) Well it always starts with a climb if you go off road in the mountains. But this one seems to be a particular big step to begin with.
Hey Chris, did you take a bigger bite than you can chew ??? Well that's Chris, always looking for the more spectacular way. shtcw1_2.jpg (89803 bytes)
shtcw1_3.jpg (101090 bytes) Chris, don't do those scarey things. But once you're in, there is only one way out. This was pretty much pushing the limit in any way possible.
Who says that we can't make it on 3 wheels alone ???
Note : The passenger is still smiling, is he really ???
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shtcw1_5.jpg (113430 bytes) Well, sometimes you might want to use some external weight to keep the balance.
Note : Somehow the passenger abandoned the truck.
A little push helps you if the front locker doesn't want to engage.
Note : Where is the passenger ??? Hopefully helping to push.
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